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Top 5 apps I recommend to SIMPLIFY your life

April 8, 2019 , ,


  1. Trello

Trello is a free, easy and visual way to manage and organize your projects. These boards can also be shared with multiple people (team members, spouses, etc) and it syncs incredibly fast!


Different ways you can use Trello:

  • Wedding planning
  • Planning your vacation
  • Recording your children’s milestones
  • Goal setting
  • Home renovations & improvements
  • Meal prepping
  • Content planning (blogging/social media)

Here are the boards I’ve created over time:

  • S+C Photography (for all our business related projects)
  • Sophie 2019 Goals (to keep track of all the goals I have this year)
  • Business Building Ideas (to dump all of our business ideas we’ve had over the years)
  • Home Improvements

Here is how I have my business board setup (which can also be a great setup for personal use)


  • Brain Dump – Literally a brain dump! Whenever you have random ideas or things you know you need to do, put it in this list! It’s important to make sure these things don’t just stay in your head, otherwise, you’ll start to feel stressed & anxious, plus you’ll consistently try to not forget them!
  • To Do This Week – This is extremely important, to make sure everything gets done. You can choose what’s most important from your brain dump and drag it over to the THIS WEEK list to make it an actionable item.
  • You can also set deadlines for each task, and Trello will notify you when you’ve only got a couple of days left! We love this feature to keep us on track. We also assign tasks to different people who are on the board, so we know who’s doing what and nothing is being neglected.
  • DONE – This is the best list!! Whenever we’re done with a task we’ll drag it into this pile. We have this list because we much prefer to see what we’ve accomplished, rather than delete it. It’s important to us to look back on what we’ve done so we can see how far we’ve come.
  • Fun Stuff – This list is also a “brain dump” type of list but for anything fun, we want to do together as a couple or with friends/family. This is a great list to refer back to when we need ideas for our outings.
  • Prayers – This is a list of different people and things we want to pray for!
  • Personal Projects – This list is so important as an entrepreneur! It’s important to have your own fun, personal projects to keep the passion and creative juices flowing.

There are SO many creative ways to set up your Trello board, and that’s what I love about it. You can customize it as much as you need to, to make it work for YOU.

See some inspiring boards to get you thinking on how you want to use Trello here.

  1. Clipix: Save & organize everything you care about!

I’ve been using Clipix for MANY years! It’s another great organizational tool for when you want to save webpages. I rarely ever went back to my bookmarks in my web browser, which made saving tabs and things I wanted to revisit basically useless. Clipix helps me solve this problem. Every time I find something I know I want to save because I know it will serve me well in the future, Clipix makes this so easy and so much more visually appealing. Check out what part of my Clipix board looks like!

Ready to simplify with Clipix? Add it to your web browser & get the app here

*When using your mobile device, click share on whatever it is you want to save, and share to Clipix. It’s that easy! This is especially helpful when I have 30+ tabs on my phone and need to clean it up.

  1. Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes is where it all starts. It’s what I use almost every day when I need to quickly make myself a note on the go.

Things I consistently have in my notes:

  • Grocery list
  • To do list for the week
  • Reminders for myself when things are not going well (quotes, phrases, verses, etc.)
  • 2019 goals to keep them in front of mind
  • Tons of random notes from seminars, business training, etc.
  • A record of places I like to eat (cause we all know that’s one of the hardest things to decide lol)
  • Journal on the go – I often write thoughts or things I want to mark down that are important to me during my day.

What’s great about Keep Notes is you can do a word search, so you don’t have to scroll until you find what you’re looking for. You also have the option to categorize things!

  1. CamScanner

This one is super simple. Rather than scanning your documents, simply take a photo of them and this app will convert the image into a PDF that looks scanned! Super quick & easy for those who don’t want to use a scanner or simply don’t own one.
A HUGE way to simplify your life when using this app – do you have tons of papers laying around that you don’t want to keep physical copies of? Safely store all of it with CamScanner! BAM! MIND BLOWING.

  1. Flipp– Grocery shopping simplified! PLUS you SAVE!!

If you make your grocery list in the Flipp app, it will auto-categorize everything for you. This is SO helpful for when you’re going through the aisles because your listed items are now divided into these categories: Produce, Pantry, Dairy, Meat, Beverages, Bakery, Household, Personal care, Office.

Another amazing feature is it will show you which stores have the best deals for the specific list you made! Walmart is one store that allows you to “price match” items with other stores in the area that have better deals, so you can totally use this app for that purpose at the cash!


Well, friends, that’s our top 5 apps we love that has helped us organize our lives and has kept things as simple as possible. We hope you’re excited about trying a few of these if you haven’t already! Please let us know in the comments which ones you already enjoy using and which ones you plan on trying. We’d love to know!! 


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