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Wedding In Cornwall, ON. - S+C Photography Hey, this photo is S+C Photography© Please inquire to purchase prints
Cornwall, Ontario

Jessie + Justin | Cornwall ON Wedding

July 15, 2018 , ,

Congratulations Jessie + Justin!!

This was such a beautiful wedding. So much work went into the details & decor. They did ALL the decorations themselves. Jessie even got her bridesmaids personalized gowns for the morning preparations. You’ll notice the arch outside for group photos … that was specifically made for the photos (not even the ceremony)!! I mean … BEST couple ever.

Here are a few of the highlights we can remember:

-Live singers during the ceremony (Hallelujah was sung..and oh my goodness could it have gotten any more emotional?!)

-I’ve never been to a Catholic wedding ceremony before with such emotion involved while the bride came down the aisle. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

-The way Jessie and Justin looked at each other during the whole ceremony was seriously the cutest thing!! You can really see how in love they are and how close of a friendship they have with one another!  Friendship is SO important in a marriage.

– By the time we were ready for couple photos, the rain just came pouring down. We waited in the church, hoping the rain would stop, (because as we all know, photos by the water look awesome) but it never stopped. So just worked with it and did a few portraits in the church (which I’m so glad we did)!! Later in the evening, the rain stopped and we got to sneak Jessie & Justin out of the reception for 15 minutes of gorgeous photos against the Best Western Parkway Inn.

Everything went smoothly!

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  1. First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    You all looked so happy….
    Long may it continue

    May the best ye’ve Ever seen
    Be the worst ye’ll ever see
    May the mouse never leave yer girnal
    Wi a teardrop in its eye
    May yer lum keep blithely reekin
    Till ye’re auld enough tae dee
    May ye aye be just as happy
    As I wish ye now tae be

    Much love from The Corrigans…miss you Lynn x

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