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Bella, Gigi & Jolie

March 18, 2018 , , s-cphotography.com

Three beautiful pugs who were rescued. The moment I found Janet’s Instagram I knew I needed to contact her through direct message (DMs are where it’s at Y’all!). I mean … I couldn’t resist those squishy faces!!

I had the pleasure of doing a home visit and capturing some adorable photos of these three girls. They all came running down the hallway and… let’s just say my black pants had turned grey in seconds.

This type of session really helped me to get outside the box. It felt great to capture new “subjects”. It’s never too late to try something new. Go after what you love. In my case..PUGS! LOL. Go outside of what you’re used to, and broaden your horizon. You never know what it will bring.

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