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About Us

Hey there!

We're Sophie + Chris

We love pugs, the city, amusement parks, road trips, and Ikea ice cream dates. We love being silly and having memorable times with friends and family.  Skiing and Christmas are the only reasons we tolerate winter. We love the beach, watching movies and being adventurous!

We are a husband and wife team. We believe in sharing people’s personalities and stories through our photos and films. We want to take care of you while you journey through the most stressful, beautiful, emotional, funny and sexy time of your lives.

We want your wedding photos to live on your walls and not just on your computer, which is why we strive to create moments and not just pictures. If you value these same things then we believe we would be a great fit.

We offer our services in both English & French.

Our skills and passion set us apart by ensuring a friendly, stress-free experience. Our job on your special day is not to just take pictures or videos but to capture lifelong memories you can cherish and share for generations. We believe that you should walk away with images from your wedding day that communicate beauty, commitment, and joy.

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10 things about us

You Should Probably Know

Sophie enjoys sad, romance movies... Chris does not.

Theme parks and shopping are THE BEST

Chris is a coffee monster!

Obsessed with every dog that we meet

Chris will be releasing his first album!

Sophie loves interior designing

Sophie actually enjoys organising

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